Match Evaluation: Barcelona vs Alaves LaLiga 21-12-2019

Barcelona vs Alaves LaLiga 21-12-2019 15:00 GM game Started.

The Barcelona team got sequential success in the match with 4 Goals in contradiction of Alaves team with 1 Goal.

The  comprehensive performance of Barcelona  team was highly satisfactory, but as we recognize that the Alaves team very badly Lose the game , Representation of the Barcelona team in the game was marvelous and creditable with struggle, while Alaves team enactment was circuitous, team did not play respectable regrettably, the team attained 0nly 1 goal in contradiction of Barcelona, In the 14 minutes of game Griezmann A from Barcelona team hits 1st goal, 2nd Goal hit by Vidal A from Barcelona in 45 minutes of game, 3rd Goal Hit by Messi L in 69 minutes of game from Barcelona and 4th goal hit by Suarez L in 75 minutes of game from Barcelona, one and only goal hit by Pons P in 56 minutes of game from Alaves.

Let’s unveil on the Ground Activities.

The Barcelona team conquest Alaves team with 4 goals, as impudently Alaves team accomplished 1` Goal in whole 100 Minutes of game.

Now you can observe Ball Possession which was 69% for Barcelona, while 31% for Alaves team which was a huge revisions.

Barcelona team played genially  in Goal Attempted task, 5 number of goals attempted by Alaves team, although Barcelona team attempt 8 number of goals successfully.

Accompanying if we opposing about SHOTS ON GOALS of Alaves team they completed 3 SHOT ON GOAL, while the Barcelona team successfully performed only 4 SHOTS ON GOAL.

The SHOTS OFF GOALS representation of both team was 2 most identical.

In BLOCKING SHOTS performance of both team was not consistent Alaves team performed 0 BLOCK SHOTS, conversely Barcelona team performed 2 BLOCKED SHOTS.

Incidentally the Alaves team shocked the Barcelona  team by performing brilliantly  in Free Kicks by getting 8 extra free kick from Barcelona team as Alaves team acquired 18 Free Kick, while Barcelona team got 10 Free Kicks,

Let’s circles accomplishment of both teams on Corner Kicks, as Barcelona performed 3 Corner Kicks, in contrast the Alaves team performed 4 Corner Kicks.

OFFSIDES performance of both teams was not equivalent, as Barcelona team acquired 8 OFF SIDES, in contrast the Alaves team acquired 0 OFF Side poor performance.

Barcelona team played skillfully noble as compare to Alaves team in the Goalkeeping, the Goalkeeper of Barcelona team protected 2 Shots, while The Goalkeeper of Alaves team protected 0 Shots.

With remarkably Improvement 11 Fouls accomplished by Alaves team while 10 fouls complete by Barcelona team.

Let’s come to identify that the Alaves team picked up 4 Yellow Card, whereas Barcelona team innate 2 Yellow Card.

Let’s talk about the performance of both teams in Passes, as Alaves  team complete 330 Collective Passes, whereas The Barcelona team done 771 Entire Passes which was a hug contradiction.

9 Tackle Attack done by Barcelona team while 11 Tackle Attack finished by Alaves team.

The performance of both teams  in ATTACKS 74 Attack accomplished by Alaves team 25 were intimidating attack out of 74 Attacks, while Barcelona Team done 163 Attacks, 66 were uncertain.

Let’s conclude, Barcelona vs Alaves LaLiga 21-12-2019 15:00 GM game Started, the Barcelona team got sequential success in the match with 4 Goals in contradiction of Alaves team with 1 Goal. Barcelona team played the game with skillful and functioning attitude, Alaves team erroneous the game due to some blunders in the game as OFF-SIDE performance, as well as Goalkeepers inaccuracies, Dangerous attack faults and the main Reason was Passes mistakes, if they viably and strongly sustain their mistakes then thy can astonished the probabilities of fail.


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